The Green Tourism Award

The Green Tourism Award

At The Coffee Lounge, we have always been conscious of our environmental responsibility. We were recently awarded the bronze level Green Tourism Award and are committed to working towards greater sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

We are working towards a #plasticfreestives in several ways. We use plastic alternatives that are biodegradable and/or compostable. Our iced coffee cups and straws, for example, are made from a plant starch plastic alternative, you’d never know the difference!

Plant based packaging makes our iced coffee (almost) guilt-free!

We pay extra to plant trees with every box of takeaway coffee cups we buy, working with The Green Earth Appeal and are currently developing a compostable alternative.

All of our soft drinks are available in glass bottles and we even stock the wonderful CanO Water, a sustainable alternative to the plastic bottle for water on the go.

A sustainable alternative to the plastic water bottle

We sell reusable Chilly’s bottles, and we are happy to fill your water bottle with tap water for free! We offer a 20p discount to those customers who bring their reusable cup for takeaway hot drinks and if you buy one of our fabulous Joco cups you get a hot drink for free.

Stylish and reusable!

Our mantra is to reuse, recycle and reduce. We reuse the bags our bread arrives in for waste bin liners and we bag up our used coffee grinds and give them away to gardeners, it’s great for increasing drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil.

In the catering industry, a lot of our supplies come packaged in plastic or cardboard, we recycle 100% of this and further reduce our general waste that goes to landfill by selling sandwiches and pastries for half price daily from 2 PM.

Grab next days breakfast or lunch at half price from 2 PM

We are passionate about sourcing our food locally and promote the #eatlocal hashtag. We work with local suppliers for everything including our cakes, dairy, coffee, fresh produce and even tea!

A truly Cornish Cream Tea!

Whilst we are promoting the use of plastic alternatives we are also mindful of the large amount of plastic and other waste that blights our beautiful coastline, our beach cleans are proactively removing plastic and other waste as well as spreading the word and working towards a #plasticfreestives

Just some of the plastic collected on our latest beach clean

Finally, why not replace your plastic shopping bag with one of our fab totes and help spread the word, £1 from every sale is donated to Surfers Against Sewage.

Make a difference and spread the word!

What do we mean by…

Biodegradable: Biodegradable items will degrade naturally from naturally occurring microorganisms such as bacteria and algae.

Renewable/ Sustainable: Renewable/ sustainable items are created from resources that can be sustained at current levels if the current consumption levels continue.

Compostable: Refers to items that can compost within a set period of time in the ideal conditions of a commercial composter. However, even when such a facility is unavailable, plant-generated plastic substitutes are still preferable to the traditional plastics created from oil and petroleum. They are made from a sustainable resource, they use less energy to manufacture, they do not provide a net increase in CO2 when they break down.

Recyclable: When materials can be separated and reprocessed into a new product.


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