Olfactory Coffee Roastery Visit

Olfactory Coffee Roastery Visit

The Coffee Lounge team made an Olfactory Coffee Roastery visit to Penryn this weekend to find out what makes our coffee so good and get an upgrade of our barista skills. As soon as we arrived we felt at home with a familiar tea towel being put to good use!

Our Coffee Lounge tea towels are seen in all the best places!

In The Coffee Lounge, we use Olfactory’s Knockout Seasonal Espresso. With the changing seasons, the harvested beans quality and flavours change, affected by weather conditions and environmental factors.  The team at Olfactory work hard to make sure that the integrity of the Knockout’s punchy, bold flavours are retained. They roast, blend and taste dozens of times before arriving at a perfect blend that our regular customers have come to know and love.

The green coffee beans are ethically and fairly sourced.

The green beans are purchased from smallholders with an emphasis on sustainability, but it’s only when they are roasted that the familiar delicious aromas and chocolate colour emerge.

The roaster where all the magic happens!

In the training room, our team tasted the difference between over extracted and under extracted espresso and learned how to perfect the grind to ensure a perfectly extracted coffee. At The Coffee Lounge we are always striving to improve our skills. The team learnt about milk texturing and steaming, perfected their tamping skills and practiced, practiced, practiced their latte art!


If you want to find out more about Olfactory Coffee Roaster click here.


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