Olfactory Coffee Training

Olfactory Coffee Training

Our three newest team members had the opportunity to complete their coffee training at Olfactory Coffee Roasters last week. Learning barista skills from the experts and understanding why the coffee we serve is so good is a really key element of our approach at The Coffee Lounge. Elsey, Sophie, and Edith had a great day being trained by Bailey and here is their blog.

Training by Bailey

Today we went to the olfactory roasters. We were told how the coffee beans were roasted and how the bean roaster works. We were also shown what the coffee looked like before the roasting process took place and how they are green before they go into the machine.

Then we were taught about the rocks and sand method in regards to the grind of the coffee. We saw what weight (18g) and consistency the coffee should be before the espresso is made. We then practiced steaming the milk, it took many attempts before we made the perfect shiny, glossy milk. After we had mastered our milk we were shown how to do the various patterns of the: Tulip, Rosetta, monks head and the heart.

The Heart

When the coffee grind was courser the espresso tasted more like citrus. And when the coffee grind was fine it tasted sourer. We wrapped the workshop up with the process of cleaning the coffee machine, this is a vital process completed every day in The Coffee Lounge to make sure it doesn’t get clogged up and so it’s nice and clean ready for the next use. We had a really good time and learned lots of new skills which will help us produce the best coffee for all our customers in The Coffee Lounge.

Practicing the pour!
Steaming the milk
Latte art success!

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