French Press Coffee Bundle


The French Press Coffee Bundle includes a 4-cup Bodum Kenya French Press and two boxes of Steadfast Coffee. This is a great gift for any coffee enthusiast.

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The French Press Coffee Bundle includes a 4-cup Bodum Kenya French Press and two boxes of Steadfast Coffee. This is a great gift for any coffee enthusiast.

The Steadfast Organic French Press Coffee.

The Steadfast organic  french press coffee is a strong bodied, aromatic coffee. The experts at Olfactory Coffee Roastery roast and grind the beans specifically for your French Press or cafetiere. This coffee is perfect for your morning brew as it is a smooth flavour to start your day just right!

About the Coffee Beans

Sourced in Colombia from multiple small holders from the North of Cauca. The coffee beans are grown high in the Andes at altitudes of 1650-1900 metres above sea level. They use the surrounding native trees for shade. These producers are part of the COMEPCAFE Cooperative that encompasses 1400 families spread across seven areas. The Co-operative assists these producers with initiatives that ensures there viability and future. These include; help with commercial skills, food security programs and a pension plan.

Firstly, the coffee is pulped by small pulping machines on the farms. Tiled tanks are used to dry ferment the pulped coffee for 12 to 16 hours. Finally, the coffee is then dried on raised beds in parabolic tents for 7 to 10 days.

Taste:   Hazelnut, chocolate, pear
:   Piendamo Regionel
Country:   NColombia
Region:   Piendamo, Cauca
Variety:   Castillo, Colombia & Caturra

Process:   Washed

Altitude   1650 – 1900 masl

Producer:   Comepcafe Cooperative 
Certificate:   Organic

Steadfast French Press Coffee

Olfactory Coffee is the mark of quality

The Bodum Kenya French Press.

The Bodum Kenya French Press is a sleek cafetiere that serves 4 cups of coffee. The French Press or Cafetiere remains one of the most popular ways to brew a quality coffee at home. Simply add ground coffee, hot water then stir well. Leave to brew for 3 to 4 minutes before depressing the plunger. Your coffee will then be perfectly brewed and ready to serve.

Bodum Kenya French Press

The Original French Press

The Bodum Kenya French Press is made from lightweight borosilicate glass. The glass is surrounded by a heatproof black frame and handle. There is a safety lid and the fixtures are stainless steel. This ensures a smooth extraction of your coffee’s essential oils with minimal sediment left in the bottom of the cup. The enjoyment of a cup of coffee can be spoiled by poor extraction and coffee grinds!

French Press Specifications:

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 0.5 litre/ 17 fluid ounces
  • Made from lightweight borosilicate glass
  • Attractive heat proof casing and handle.
  • Dimensions 14.7cm x 17.1cm x 11cm
  • Safety lid.
  • Stainless steel fixtures.

Steadfast Coffee is also available in a bundle with our designer coffee tea towel here.

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