Steadfast Coffee Tea Towel Bundle


This bundle features the pairing of our exclusive Cornish Gems Coffee Lounge tea towel and the excellent organic French Press Steadfast Coffee from Olfactory Coffee.

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Steadfast Coffee Tea Towel Bundle

This Steadfast Coffee Tea Towel bundle features the pairing of our exclusive Cornish Gems Coffee tea towel and the excellent organic French Press Steadfast Coffee from Olfactory Coffee.

Coffee Lounge Tea Towel

The Designer Coffee Tea Towel

This is an exclusive design available only from Cornish Gems. The artwork was created as an informative menu for Coffee Lounge customers.  This tea towel is the perfect gift for coffee lovers and aficionados everywhere.

Coffee Art
Original Hot Chocolate Artwork


Each hot drink is beautifully illustrated in pen and ink. Information about the contents of that drink are shown within the cup. The featured illustrations include:

Our signature ‘Flat White’; Smooth and silky milk with minimal foam poured over Olfactory Knockout espresso.

The coffee lover’s standard, the ‘Americano’; Espresso served over hot water giving a smooth crema. Traditionally served black, hot or cold milk is available to taste.

The indulgent ‘Mocha’; combining silky smooth foamed milk poured over a blend of chocolate and espresso.

Designer Coffee Tea Towel

Made from quality 100% cotton twill, the illustrated coffee tea towel is a perfect gift for coffee lovers! This tea towel not only looks great, but it measures 42 cm x 72 cm. That is plenty big enough for all your dish drying needs!



The Steadfast Organic French Press Coffee.

The Steadfast organic french press coffee features a strong bodied, aromatic coffee. The experts at Olfactory Coffee Roastery roast and grind the beans specifically for your French Press or cafetiere. In summary, this coffee is perfect for your morning brew as it has a smooth flavour to start your day just right!

About the Coffee Beans

Sourced in Colombia from multiple small holders from the North of Cauca. The beans grow in the Andes at high altitude. Of course, they use the surrounding native trees for shade. These producers are part of the COMEPCAFE Cooperative that encompasses 1400 families spread across seven areas. In addition, the Co-operative assists these producers with initiatives that ensures there viability and future. These include; help with commercial skills, food security programs and a pension plan.

Firstly, the coffee is pulped by small pulping machines on the farms. Subsequently, the pulped coffee is dry fermented in tiled tanks for 12 to 16 hours. Finally, the coffee is then dried on raised beds in parabolic tents for 7 to 10 days.

50%   White Nile – Uganda

50%   Ana Cecilia Estevez – Honduras

Taste:   Hazelnut, Milk chocolate, Fig

Variety:   SL14, Catimor & Red Catuai

Process:   Washed & Macerated natural

Altitude:   1300 – 1800 masl

Certificate:   Organic

Product Information:

  • Roasted in Cornwall.
  • Net weight 227g/ 8 oz.
  • Recyclable Packaging.

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