Steadfast Organic French Press Coffee


The Steadfast organic french press coffee is a strong bodied, aromatic coffee.

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The Steadfast Organic French Press Coffee.

The Steadfast organic french press coffee is a strong bodied, aromatic coffee. The experts at Olfactory Coffee Roastery roast and grind the beans specifically for your French Press or cafetiere. In summary, this coffee is perfect for your morning brew as it has a smooth flavour to start your day just right!

About the Coffee Beans


White Nile is in the West Nile sub region high in the Northwest of the country, bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Kawacom, an export partner, initiated their White Nile Organic Coffee project in 1998 in an effort to harness the region’s ideal natural conditions to produce stellar speciality coffees. By promoting the cultivation of Arabica coffee, training farmers in agricultural techniques and best practices, educating on the importance of harvest and post harvest activities, and building top-notch washing stations, the project hopes to put Uganda ‘on the map’ as the next big destination for speciality coffee. In 2003 the project received its very first Organic certificate. Today, the project has expanded significantly, thanks to these successes, and reaches 8,000 small holder farmers, many of whom not only receive higher prices for their higher quality coffee but also participate in other social and environmental programs.


Ana Cecilia Estevez is a coffee producer and partner in the ARUCO Company, that is based in the municipality of Corquín Copan, Honduras. 

Her beans are macerated for 72 hours before being dried on raised beds. The cherry is cleaned and washed and then floated to remove any immatures. It is then placed into barrels that are sealed to create an environment without oxygen. The cherry is then left to ferment and macerate in the barrels for different times. In the barrel the temperature is monitored and kept around 22-25c in the shade at the wet mill. The coffee is then taken to the beds where it is dried for a minimum of 20 days. This process gives the coffee its distinct flavour.

White Nile – Uganda

50%   Ana Cecilia Estevez – Honduras

Taste:   Hazelnut, Milk chocolate, Fig

Variety:   SL14, Catimor & Red Catuai

Process:   Washed & Macerated natural

Altitude:   1300 – 1800 masl

Certificate:   Organic

Product Information:

  • Roasted in Cornwall.
  • Net weight 227g/ 8 oz.
  • Recyclable Packaging.


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