Waterhaul Crantock Sunglasses



Waterhaul Crantock Sunglasses in Slate. Made from the strongest form of waste plastic found in our oceans. A unisex frame that suits face shapes of all kinds. Exceptionally designed sustainable eyewear that should last a lifetime.

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Waterhaul Crantock Sunglasses Slate




These Waterhaul Crantock Sunglasses are made from the strongest form of waste plastic found in our oceans. Nets that would last decades floating around in the sea have been recycled and repurposed to make hard-wearing, exceptionally designed sustainable eyewear that should last a lifetime.

The Crantock model has a matte slate grey finish that suggests the materials’ original form as ocean plastic. They come with grey polarised mineral glass lenses that give you UVA/UVB 400 protection.

The circular / panto frame is unisex and best suits medium-sized faces and face shapes of all kinds.


About Waterhaul:


Waterhaul was founded in 2018. After many recycling trials, they produced their first pair of sunglasses made from abandoned fishing gear.

They collect lost fishing nets and lines from across the coastline of Cornwall. This “Ghost Gear” (any fishing gear that has been abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded in our oceans) is utilised and separated into polymer types. They then recycle it through a mechanical process of shredding, washing and agglomeration.

Recycled fishing line.

The 100% recycled raw material is injected into moulds to form the sunglasses frames. A family-run business does this process in Northern Italy.

Recycled plastic lenses don’t exist. Waterhaul uses mineral glass lenses supplied by Barberini. These are one of the world’s best-quality optical lens producers. Furthermore, polarised chemically hardened lenses are substantially more scratch resistant than other lenses.

Vigorously tested, these sunglasses are designed to be durable.

Waterhaul implements sustainable practices throughout the process. From recycling waste materials to offsetting their carbon footprint by donating to mangrove reforestation projects.


Product Specifications:

  • Made by Waterhaul
  • Barberini Mineral glass lenses
  • Polarised
  • Grey lenses
  • UVA/UVB 400 protection
  • Saltwater-resistant lenses and components
  • Made from 100% recycled polypropylene fishing nets and lines
  • Italian engineered
  • Hand finished
  • Sustainable cork protective case

Cork protective case.

Frame dimensions:

  • Crantock – Slate
  • Matte Slate Grey finish
  • Circular/Panto unisex frame
  • Medium frame size
  • Lens width 50mm 
  • Bridge width 21mm 
  • Arm length 136mm
  • Five barrel hinges


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