Wild Swimming in Cornwall Guidebook


The Wild Swimming in Cornwall Guidebook features 54 swimming locations from all over the coasts of Cornwall with full-page glossy images and key points for each spot.

Outlining the benefits of wild swimming whilst providing hints and tips on getting started and safe practice.

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Wild Swimming in Cornwall Guidebook


The Wild Swimming in Cornwall Guidebook features 54 swimming locations from all over the coasts of Cornwall and even some inland wild swimming spots. 

First and foremost this guide outlines the benefits of wild swimming. In addition, it provides hints and tips on getting started. And ultimately, how to succeed in getting the most enjoyment from your experience, safely.

Written by local wild swimmers with years of experience swimming and lifeguarding in Cornwall. It is tailored to complete beginners and seasoned swimmers.

Whether you are wild swimming or just want to explore these beautiful coastal spots, this book includes directions and a key to make it easy for users to find these unique locations, as well as information on Cornish landscape, culture and history.

A paperback book with front flaps and glossy pages for durability.

Furthermore, this book has been printed at St Austell Printing Company, the most sustainable print house in the country.

Wild swimming and its benefits:

The term ‘Wild Swimming’ refers to the act of swimming outdoors, surrounded by nature. 

Whilst being one of the most affordable and easy-to-access physical activities available here in Cornwall, it is also meant to be extremely beneficial to both mind and body.

“It’s all about finding community, self-care and an affinity with nature through cold water. Submerging your body in cold water provides numerous benefits to both our psychological and physical health, reducing the body’s stress response. Studies also show that it boosts immunity, metabolism, fitness and circulation. This means that not only does it make us mentally and physically stronger, but also that the body feels less physical pain.”  Authors of A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall – Lydia, Max and Bethany

Guide Book Contents:

  • 54 swimming locations
  • An introduction to the health benefits of cold water swimming.
  • It includes how to get started, what to take with you and how to stay safe.
  • A useful key for each location (e.g. dog-friendly, sheltered, long swims, public transport accessible, family-friendly)
  • Directions to swimming spots and parking for each location
  • Site-specific safety and tidal information
  • Suggestions on local cafes and attractions
  • Information on the Cornish landscape, culture and history

Product Specifications:

  • Made in Cornwall
  • Size 190 x 150 mm
  • Glossy full-page images
  • Made from 100% recycled paper
  • FSC certified
  • Carbon offset production
  • Fully Recyclable


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