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Which Reusable Cup Should You Buy?

Which Reusable Cup Should You Buy?

The awareness of the impact that single-use plastic has on our planet has, in the last few years become widely acknowledged. With individuals and businesses looking to reduce the amount of disposable plastic that they are responsible for there has been a rise in the availability of alternatives with a range of functionality and price points.

So it should be a no brainer that a re-usable coffee cup will always be better than a single-use cup? Well, the answer is, not always. It is important to factor in the larger carbon footprint used to manufacture reusable cups as well as the energy used to keep them clean. Several studies have shown that a reusable cup needs to be used between 20 to 100 times to make it a more sustainable option than a single-use cup. So this makes it all the more important that you buy a cup that’s right for you that you will use again and again.


A Review of Four Reusable Cups.

The JOCO Cup

Sturdy and solid, the JOCO cup is an aesthetically pleasing item that is available in a range of enticing colours. The toughened glass is BPA free and the silicone insulation helps to keep your drink hot and grip the cup without slipping. Dishwasher proof, one of the significant features in the longevity of a JOCO cup is that it doesn’t retain flavours, I’ve had my JOCO for more than 3 years and the glass is still sparkly clear!

PROS: Easy to clean, doesn’t retain flavours.

CONS: Doesn’t fit in a car drinks holder, isn’t leakproof.

PRICE: £19.99- £22.99


The eCoffee Cup

Available in a range of exciting designs and with a low price point the eCoffee cup makes a great gift. Made from sustainable bamboo with a silicone grip band and lid. The lid does feature an attached stopper to prevent spills, but it can be a bit fiddly. It is dishwasher friendly and at the end of its life you can return it to eCoffee to be commercially recycled or repurposed into a new eCoffee cup.

PROS: A range of beautiful designs, a low price point.

CONS: Can stain with use.

PRICE: £8.99 – £11.49

William Morris eCoffee Cups
The rCup

The new cup on the block, the rCup is actually made from recycled coffee cups! Made by a Cornish company led by a former engineer for Dyson, the rCup has a unique one-touch open and close button. Perfect for drinking on the go, it is completely leak proof. Dishwasher friendly and insulated this cup is completely recyclable. With a 10 year+ estimated lifetime, you’re sure to get your 100+ uses from it.

PROS: Leakproof, made from recycled coffee cups, affordable price.

CONS: Limited colours available currently.

PRICE: £10.99 – £11.99

Black Mustard rCup
The Chilly’s Cup

Chilly’s, known better for their bottles bring all of their stylish design features to their coffee cups. Extremely durable, their efficient insulation ensures your drink will stay hot for a long time. Too chunky to fit in a cars cup holder, they are nevertheless comfortable to hold and pleasant to drink from. Like the bottles, the cups are not dishwasher safe.

PROS: Very durable. Really does keep your drink hot!

CONS: Not dishwasher safe

PRICE: £18.99 – £25.99

Rose Gold Chilly’s Cups


In The Coffee Lounge, we offer a 20p discount for customers who bring in their own cup, lots of other coffee shops also do this. You could even end up saving money as well as doing your bit for the environment. Since we introduced this discount nearly 600 single-use cups have been saved!


Shop around to find the reusable cup that suits you, make sure you use it and enjoy your takeaway coffee. Further reading below.


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